Party Arrangement Established

2014-01-15 - Yazar : Şükrü Güleşi

Political Parties , The Following Papers And Documents , No Gain Legal Corporate Status By The Ministry Of Interior . In This Paper, To Be Established In The Name Of Political Party Headquarters Address, The Founder Of The Name, Surname , Date And Place Of Birth , Education Level, Occupation Be Specified With Or Art Residence And All The Founders Of This Paper And Declaration To Be Signed By The Founders , Including Five Double The Population Of Examples Of Records , Judicial Records And Documents Of The Founders Organized Separately Founder Of A Political Party May Be Signed Stating That They Possess The Required Conditions With The Declaration Signed By The Founders Of The Party Statutes And Programs Are Mandatory . As Soon As The Documents And Information Received , The Ministry Of Interior Get One Given In The Document . Ministry Of Interior, Organizations And Receipt Of Inappropriate Adds A Certified Statement With The Instance Of The Team In Three Days Republic

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